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GLBA? What is GLBA and does it effect how I do business?
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Storage? How can I free up room on my PC or have access to it anywhere in the world?
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Before you begin Lanai Business Consultantshighly recommends that you call us to ensure proper installation and advice. Inproper installation or installing the wrong type of hardware into your PC can have horrible consequences.

Updateing your PC doesn't always mean you need new hardware. Sometimes a simple software upgrade can take care of your problem, with that said, sometime it's the opposite. Replaceing that crucial part can make everything work betterand faster and doesn't always mean new software.

Confusing? Yea... tell us about it.

Give us a call & we'll guide you along and make cost effective choices that meet your needs.

Hardware Storage


Many computer manufacturers make it easy to upgrade your internal storage drives however this process isnt for the faint of heart.


When you replace an internal hard drive you are essentially taking the brain out of your computer. Everything you have is on that Hard-Drive, your Operating system, your music, photos everything! Once that device is unsecured from the computer it becomes very vulnerable to damage. Also, how do you go about recovering those files from that Hard Drive?


Lanai Business Consultantsuses a sophisticated method of moving your entire PC's contents into a fresh, larger storage area. Not only can you move everything from one drive to another but you can also upgrade the operating system while you do it. If you are running Windows XP or older you can upgrade to Windows 7 in the process.

Lanai Business Consultantsboasts a 99% success rate on safely moving all data from one hard drive to another while keeping all operating functions of that PC in tact.


As with all upgrades, not all software or hardware is compliant with newer devices and software and may need to be replaced. Lanai Business Consultantswill discuss this with you prior to any changes being made so that you can make an informed decision.

Memory Upgrades


It is not uncommon for consumers to turn to expert services when they want to upgrade their computer. However, a recent Computer Active report said making a DRAM upgrade is accessible enough that most consumers will be able to accomplish the task on their own and can avoid the expense of hiring expert assistance. To help you install new DRAM into your PC, the news source captured the process in four steps.


See our FAQ Area for more details.


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