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Storage Solutions

In todays rapidly growing digital age people are accumulating more data than ever. Everything from photographs, music, videos, school and work files are filling computers everywhere.

There are dozens of possible solutions to add more storage to your current PC, Laptop or Media device. Not all solutions are created equally and not every solution is the right one for your needs. Lanai Business Consultantsis here to help you choose the right solution for your needs by offering inexpensive hardware upgrades, external drives and Cloud based storage.

Call today and let Lanai Business Consultantsassist you in making the decision about your personal storage needs.

To the CLOUD!

Storage solutions for your shool or work documents have never been easier to secure, share, manage and store. A subscription to Microsoft's SharePoint Online can keep all your daily needed files close at hand, accessable from any PC, Mac and many mobile devices.


SharePoint WorkSpace 2010


SharePoint Online packages start as low as $15/month/user and extra storage available. Additional features are also available if you need more storage, security or access.

Hardware Storage

Many computer manufacturers make it easy to upgrade your internal storage drives however this process isnt for the faint of heart.


When you replace an internal hard drive you are essentially taking the brain out of your computer. Everything you have is on that Hard-Drive, your Operating system, your music, photos everything! Once that device is unsecured from the computer it becomes very vulnerable to damage. Also, how do you go about recovering those files from that Hard Drive?


Lanai Business Consultantsuses a sophisticated method of moving your entire PC's contents into a fresh, larger storage area. Not only can you move everything from one drive to another but you can also upgrade the operating system while you do it. If you are running Windows XP or older you can upgrade to Windows 7 in the process.


Lanai Business Consultantsboasts a 99% success rate on safely moving all data from one hard drive to another while keeping all operating functions of that PC in tact.


As with all upgrades, not all software or hardware is compliant with newer devices and software and may need to be replaced. Lanai Business Consultantswill discuss this with you prior to any changes being made so that you can make an informed decision.

Network Storage


Network Storage can be a simple and effective way to grow the storage potiential for the entire family or business's needs. Adding an easily accessable, centralized filing system allows for all members of the network to quickly access what they are looking for. Share files, stream music, video or just store photo and documents with everybody at work or home. Many ways to expand your storage and your world are right around the corner.


Some network storage solutions include a USB port that will allow a seperate network printer to be installed or for a future additional storage device to be added.


Microsoft's XBox 360 can also access a network storage device and stream media directly into your entertainment center, TV or upload directly into your video gaming experience. Enhanced features for this can be found at the XBox 360 website.




Business or Home Servers


Adding a business or home server to rapidly dish up vast amounts of files, photos, videos or to manage a local network doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.


When you add an in-house server to your system you add a strong amount of horsepower to everything you do or enjoy. Freeing up system resources of the attached PCs, laptops, game consoles and other devices not only mean higher speed functioning but longer life of the devices and greater flexability.


Business servers can manage your local domain making business security stronger, more reliable and effecient. Please contact us here at Lanai Business Consultantsto see if this solution is right for you.


Business solutions for in house servers range and vary greatly. Some solutions can cost hundreds, some can cost thousands. Please feel free to contact us before making any purchases to ensure compatabilty and functions will suit your needs.


Home Servers


Home servers are a wonderful way to back up, share and easily access your personal documents from virtually anywhere in the world securely.


There is an infinate amount ways you can share your photos online but very few offer true security and privacy.


Places like Google, facebook, Myspace and hundreds of others host your information on their servers and do not always have your best interests in mind. Since these sites are free however, their popularity has grown worldwide and millions of people use them. My personal problem with this is, I don't really want millions of people potentially having access to the photos of my daughters birthday party. Do you?


While these free based, web hosted or social networking sites are perfect for keeping up with old friends, sharing stories and staying connected they offer very little in the way of actual security. Just because you blocked an old boyfriend, declined a friends request or "only show to ..." doesn't mean there aren't a million other ways to access your information.


Installing an in home, Home Server could be the answer for you. You can host your own IP, domain, from your home server, allow or block all communication in and out of the server, set up antivirus, spam filtering and connect to your personal document, photos or videos from nearly anywhere in the world via your personal login screen and credentials.


Easily setup and configure a shareing area of your server where only your friends and family have access to them and you control what, when and how that information is used.


Contact us today for a free evaluation.






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