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Business & Home Networks

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The key to good network design is not in the technical end of things. Any competent network designer knows the dynamics & how to set that up. The problem is that each network needs to be setup for the business and the people that will be using it.


Lanai Business Consultantsprides itself in getting to know you & your specific needs not just installing a preconceived notion of “how it is done”. Technology changes fast & we spend considerable time learning, keeping up to date & watching prices to ensure you get the best product for your needs & budget.


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Business Networks



The key, as always, is communication. Your network needs to be designed for your business and how you run it. Without clear communication between your network designer, you & your key employees you may not be getting what you need. With new technology comes the need for education, Lanai Business Consultantsoffers both.


Training for new software & infrastructure may be needed depending on the networking solution selected. Lanai Business Consultantsis committed to educating employees & minimizing the time needed for adjustments. We have extensive experience with personnel training & offer both at location, website & remote training to meet your schedule & budget. Our help desk is open 24/7/365 to report problems, ask questions or request assistance.*1


Nothing is more expensive than having a network installed twice because you’re unhappy with the first outcome. Lanai Business Consultantswill get it right the first time or we will not charge to make it right.*2

The point of your network is to have it work your way, not to force you to work its way.

With our business approach to the problem we look at the network from the business & employee perspective, we design networks to enhance your business, help increase your bottom line & increase productivity. Some changes may occur with a new network such as; happiness, prosperity & a less stressful work experience.


Business Home Servers


Adding a business server to rapidly dish up vast amounts of files, photos, videos or to manage a local network doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.


When you add an in-house server to your system you add a strong amount of horsepower to everything you do or enjoy. Freeing up system resources of the attached PCs, laptops, game consoles and other devices not only mean higher speed functioning but longer life of the devices and greater flexability.


Business servers can manage your local domain making business security stronger, more reliable and effecient. Please contact us here at Lanai Business Consultantsto see if this solution is right for you.


Business solutions for in house servers range and vary greatly. Some solutions can cost hundreds, some can cost thousands. Please feel free to contact us before making any purchases to ensure compatabilty and functions will suit your



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Home Networks


Many homes have more than one computer today. Setting up a network so that they can share files, printers, etc. can be intimidating.


Not to worry! Call us!


We have set up many home networks, both wired and wireless and we can make the process so painless you won't believe it.


We offer a free on-site consultation to meet with you and go over your needs. We can design a network that will do what you need without your thinking about it, and then provide you with all the data you need so that you can either install it yourself or have us install it for you.


Home Servers

Home servers are a wonderful way to back up, share and easily access your personal documents from virtually anywhere in the world securely.


There is an infinate amount ways you can share your photos online but very few offer true security and privacy.


Places like Google, facebook, Myspace and hundreds of others host your information on their servers and do not always have your best interests in mind. Since these sites are free however, their popularity has grown worldwide and millions of people use them. My personal problem with this is, I don't really want millions of people potentially having access to the photos of my daughters birthday party. Do you?


While these free based, web hosted or social networking sites are perfect for keeping up with old friends, sharing stories and staying connected they offer very little in the way of actual security. Just because you blocked an old boyfriend, declined a friends request or "only show to ..." doesn't mean there aren't a million other ways to access your information.


Installing an in home, Home Server could be the answer for you. You can host your own IP, domain, from your home server, allow or block all communication in and out of the server, set up antivirus, spam filtering and connect to your personal document, photos or videos from nearly anywhere in the world via your personal login screen and credentials.



Easily setup and configure a shareing area of your server where only your friends and family have access to them and you control what, when and how that information is used.


Contact us today for a free evaluation.











*1 Help desk requests are answered on a first come first serve basis & on the availability of a service technician. Help Desk requests can be made 24/7/365 & will be answered as quickly as possible or a solution is found. *2: Dissatisfaction with a fulfilled service or contracted service will be made correct only if a malfunction or unforeseen issue arises. No refunds for services, installations, repairs or other transactions will be awarded. Contract renegotiations may be required & may be terminated, amended or modified at any time by Lanai Business Consultantswith sufficient notification.


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