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Network & System Maintenance

All systems need to be maintained. From your car to your network that is a universal truth. Like your car, you can put off maintenance on your network for a while but eventually it will slow down or even quit working, usually right when you need it most.


The big problems with regular network maintenance are that it is expensive to keep someone there & whatever system that they are working on is down for that time.


Keeping Down Time, Down.


We setup secure remote access to your network and do the maintenance after your working hours! You don't need to have workstations and servers down while you are working and you don't need to have a full time person on payroll to do the work. Customers have often called Lanai Business Consultantsthe “least seen, least paid & most irreplaceable” part of their companies.*


Our after-hour crews work in the evenings, nights and weekends so the billing rates never have overtime involved. We can remotely enter your network to update, backup, service and maintain everything. The key to perfect IT is you never see us working & we never interrupt your work. Scheduling will be determined by your hours of operation and the specific needs of your company or household use.*


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