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Installation & Implimentation

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Getting Started with a Cloud Service


Cloud service deployments offer many installation cost saving features. As with any network the setup is critical.


Wiring is the easy part. Your Cloud service may run either wired or wireless depending on the design and security needed.


Typically with Cloud services the installation, training & implication of the new technology consumes the most time depending on the expertise of your employees.

Business Network Installation


Easy stuff, right?


Anyone can pull cable, ask any electrician!


Don't get me wrong, there are many electricians who can & do a great job pulling network cable. Make sure, if you have your electrician pull the cable for you, they know what he (or she) is doing. Yes, cable pulling seems easy and if done right it can be. To get the best performance out of your network the right cable has to be pulled the right way. There is much more to deploying your network than the cable though.


Once your cable is in, and properly terminated your servers & hardware are ready to be setup & connected. Servers need to be configured & secured, workstations need to be unpacked & setup, employees need to be trained & you need to get back to work!


Sounds like a lot of work? It can be if the network is large, but with all networks it is more a case of doing it right the first time and avoiding costly & timely mistakes.


With our experience, getting in and getting the job done and done right the first time, you will be up and running faster than you think, for a lot less than you can imagine.

Home Network Installation

After your network has been designed you may be up to setting it up yourself. Some home networks are really simple and if you know your way around basic networking you should be all set.


If you just want it to work however, call us and we will come out and get it all setup and running very quickly with a minimum interruption of your daily routine.


We can setup the wiring, if necessary, any wireless equipment, setup the sharing of the Internet connection, security, printers, and any other parts of the installation as needed.


Call us and we can get it in and have it working perfectly, in no time.

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