GLBA? What is GLBA and does it effect how I do business?
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Cloud Computing 101. Is the right for me?
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Personalized email & you..

As a business professional, would you rather advertise for Google, Hotmail or Yahoo? The correct answer is "NO", "I want to advertise for myself."


Those large companies dont need your help fueling their marketing plans and they certainly arent helping to fuel yours.


ex: www.yourbusiness.com & your.name@yourbusiness.com


Market yourself like the big guys. Let your customers know they can find anything they need by contacting you either on your personal website or via your personal email. Let your email marketing back up your web presence and vise-versa. Be your own advertisment everywhere you go with every email you send out.


Email - Light!


If you find that you or your company only needs the basics, Lanai Business Consultantscan outfit you with a personalized email solution starting as low as $120/year/user + Domain Fees if applicable.


Please contact Lanai Business Consultantsfor more details.

Email - Moderato!


If you are a single business person or a small company there are advantages to having a world-class email system and a personal IT Staff close at hand.


As a single business person, Lanai Business Consultantsoffers a fully archivable, syncable email solution with a litigated hold ability that meets or exceeds all current federal requirements for; banks, credit reporting agencies, securities companies, tax preparation, realtors, real estate settlement companies, debt collectors, insurance companies and those doing business with these companies.


If you are one of those companies listed above, Lanai Business Consultantscan offer competitive solutions that can integrate secure email, storage and communication between all your employees. Please call for specific details and schedule a no cost appoinment to discuss your individual needs.


Solutions for either a single business person or an entire office start as low as $20/month/user + domain fees if applicable.


Contact us today for more details.

Email - Supreme!


Never before has business relied so heavily on electronic devices, email, chat, video confrencing and so many other ways of communication. Don't let you or your company be left in the dark ages of commerce.


Lanai Business Consultantsoffers a variety of solutions to improve your technology without breaking your budget.


Microsoft Office 365 plans start with a simple idea, "Do more, for less.". Plans start as low as $20/month/user + domain fees if applicable.

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