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Archived / Litigated Hold

If your company is required under law to archive or encrypt your email Lanai Business Consultantsoffers several inexpensive ways to accomplish this.


First we determine what regulations you fall under, FCIA, GLBA, HIPPA or various others. Once we have the terms required we can then set you up with a custom built Microsoft Office 365, Exchange plan that suits your needs.


If there is not a suitable Microsoft Solution, Lanai Business Consultantshas several other ways to meet your needs.


Added to every Microsoft Office 365, Echange Online or other package is Lanai Business Consultants's 100% professional customer service and expert tech-support. Should you ever be in doubt about your service we're here to help you along the way.


Litigiated Hold & You....


Understanding Litigation Hold (summary)

Applies to: Microsoft Exchange Online

Topic Last Modified: 09-23-2010


Due to regulations pertaining to litigation, organizations are required to preserve all electronically stored information (including e-mail) that is relevant to a case. Third party software used to collect and store e-mails outside of an automated service may become costly and may also require manually archiving these e-mails. This can reduce productivity that is better used elsewhere.

Failure to preserve e-mail many expose an organization to legal and financial risks such as scrutiny of the organization’s records retention and discovery processes, adverse legal judgments, sanctions, or fines.

What is offered by Microsoft Exchange Online 2010, litigation hold?

It allows for mailbox items to be saved without any altering of the mail. It will preserve the mailbox items and allow for discovery searches as needed for items placed on hold. It also allows litigation hold to be transparent from the user by not having to suspend MRM (messaging records management).