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Understanding Archived Email

Understanding Personal Archives (summary)

Applies to: Exchange Online & Microsoft 365


Personal archives allow your organizations messaging data to be stored in an archival mailbox. By not having control of these messaging files it may leave your company with no organizational control and may expose your organization to legal and financial risks if you are not in compliance with applicable regulations.

Personal archives are an alternate location for storage of historical messaging information that is consistent and accessible by the user. Messages can be moved manually or using Inbox rules in their Outlook. A default archive can also be set to automatically move messages along with mail to the archive mailbox on a 1, 6, or 10 year period depending on need. It is recommended to inform users about archive policies.


What is the easiest solution to archive my personal or my companies email?


Glad you asked,


Lanai Business Consultantsoffers a variety of solutions ranging in costs & ease of use.


If you are looking to simply back-up or archive your personal email finding a good email client or small external drive may be the best solution for you. various email clients, ie; Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail or XP users can use Outlook Express 4.0 or greater, have functions that will automatically back-up and archive your mail for you either to a Cloud environment, Exchange or to a local divice or folder.


Be sure that if you attempt this yourself that you have included a back-up of your contacts and calendar as well. All the mail in the world is no trade for losing your contacts and personal schedule.



For Small Business Users....



Depending on the nature of your business you may or may not be required under law to archive or to have a litigated hold placed onto your email services. If you are unsure, Lanai Business Consultants can assist you with finding out.


Business emails between all banks, credit reporting agencies, securities companies, tax preparation, realtors, real estate settlement companies, debt collectors, insurance companies and those doing business with these companies are required by law to be archived with litigation hold for no less than six years. Lanai Business Consultants is here to help you stay legal and safe


Basic business back-ups and archiving isnt any more difficult than doing a home back-up or archive. Be sure you have a reliable mail client, ie; Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail or XP users can use Outlook Express 4.0 or greater. Inside the email clients software there should be a setting for either back-up, export, archive or synchronize. Synchronization is typically only used with a third-party client and your mail client may not have this function.


If your company is required under law to archive your email Lanai Business Consultants offers several inexpensive ways to accomplish this.


First we determine what regulations you fall under, FCIA, GLBA, HIPPA or various others. Once we have the terms required we can then set you up with a custom built Microsoft Office 365, Exchange plan that suits your needs.


Added to every Microsoft Office 365, Echange Online or other package is our 100% professional customer service and expert tech-support. Should you ever be in doubt about your service we're here to help you along the way.