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Cloud Computing 101. Is the right for me?
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Network Design


If you have 2 or more computers in your business, you may find that a small network can improve your workflow, get you better and safer Internet access and help you to backup and protect your data. And you may be supprised at how affordable it can be. We specialize in small business networks, and each is custom designed to give you want you need now with growth for the future as it is needed.

Network Deployment


Once your network is designed, the next issue is to set it up in a way that makes sure your business in not unduly interupted while keeping the deployment cost as low as possible. You need a quality deployment, not an expensive one.

Network Maintenance


So, you have a network up and running. Great!

But it does need to be maintained. Servers need to be updated and optimized, as do workstations. If you don't do this regularly you will be facing the day when it all just slows down, or worse, quits.

Big Oops!

We have evolved a system where we set up secure remote access to you network for our maintenance team and they come in after hours and over weekends (whichever works with how your business fuctions) and take care of tuning your servers and updating your workstations. We also can often use the same access to come in if you have a problem and fix things on the fly as needed. We normally do this on a flat monthly contract so that you don't have unexpected expenses. Contracts for support can include everything from M to F working hours to 24 /7 support. Our contracts often have us come to be the IT department for your business.

Imagine, you can have a top notch IT department without having enough of a network to justify the cost of hiring the personel in house!


Network Evaluation


If you have a network now, from time to time there is one question that needs to be revisited - is the network that I have right for me? Has it changed with my business process? Are my servers configured the best way for how I work? With the new security issues in the world, it the security up to date? Are my backups secure?

We can come in and discuss what your business is now doing and look at your network to help you find out the answers to these questions.


Network Repair and Recovery


From time to time, computers and networks do stop working all together. If we are doing you network maintenamce you are covered and we are there - at no extra cost. If you do not have someone under contact call us. We will be happy to come over and get you running again.